Organic agriculture
Organic agriculture or farming means no use is made of manufactured fertilizer or chemical pesticides.

Organic farming
Organic farming is fundamentally different form “regular” or “accepted” farming. Regular farming is aimed at high production and low costs, whereas organic farming aims at high quality, even if the costs are higher.
In practice, this means that regular farmers use artificial fertilizer to maintain a certain level of production, besides pesticides against diseases and plagues that threaten to lower the production. Organic farmers only use natural fertilizers, and make sure the plants develop a natural resistance and are given the time to come to full growth.
More and more farmers switch to organic farming. Naturally, this will only work if the consumers can be persuaded to buy more organic products. In the Netherlands, organic products can be recognized through the EKO-quality mark which guarantees organic quality. This is supervised by Skal (Stichting Keurmerk Alternatieve Landbouwmethoden).