BioBoerma is a large organic farm in Flevoland, consisting of more than 500 acres of agricultural land, and growing several kinds of organic crops. The farm is a family business run by the Boerma family.

Bioboerma began in 1989 and has always been an organic farm. In 2004, Otto Boerma, son of Ton Boerma, took over the business with the purpose of extending and enlarging the farm.

Several kinds of organic crops are grown, such as oats, beetroot, potatoes, carrots, onions, peas and kohlrabi. You may find more information on the different vegetables at the page on organic crops.

Otto Boerma is helped by a permanent co-worker, Geurt van de Bor, as well as by a number of Romanian seasonal workers who have been working for BioBoerma since the year 2001. Depending on the season, some 5 to 26 persons are at work at the farm on a daily basis.

Further information to be found on this Website relates to the question what organic farming is all about, some nice recipees based on organic vegetables, present developments the farm is going through, and of course a number of pictures on the BioBoerma farm.

For further questions on organic farming as practised by BioBoerma, please contact us by using the form found elsewhere on the Website, and we will respond to your question as soon as possible.