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EKO quality mark

Naturally, all products coming from the BioBoerma farm have the EKO quality mark, for through this, any good organic product can be recognized in the supermarket.
Every organic business is supervised by Skal. This inspection service makes sure every business meets the EKO requirements. Any company or farm meeting the conditions is free to label its products “organic”, and us the EKO quality mark. This way, you can be certain the product is actually organic, and so is reliable!
Every organic business is visited by an official for a thorough inspection at least once every year. Furthermore, surprise inspections take place more often lately. At the fram the inspector looks at the land and the crops extensively. Is everything done the way it should? Are no artificial fertilizer or chemical or synthetic pesticides used?

Important to know: an organic company is supervised continually. Any company that breaks the rules, is prohibited to sell its products labeled as organic. In case of a serious breach of the rules, Skal may forbid a company to market organic products any longer. And when necessary, Skal co-operates with other inspection services.

How can you tell if a company is officially recognized as ‘organic’? Check the product to find out whether it has a Skal-number. Next you can go to the Website ‘’, to check whether this number is on the list of agricultural businesses under the button “Bio-bedrijven” (‘organic companies). If the number and the corresponding company are on the list, then the company is officially recognized and in possession of a certificate.

Naturally, Otto Boerma and BioBoerma are on the list of certified farmers.

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